"It is our priority to ensure the confidentiality of our work, through trust and impartiality, and act with full integrity and excellence in our field".

man writing on paper
man writing on paper

At Alaf Attorneys & Consultants

We have continuously strived to provide our professional services at all levels. Established in early 1997, our vision was to become the leading international firm within the region. We achieved this milestone by taking into account the professional duty of honesty and sincerity required from us in order to best serve our clients.

Furthermore, we believe in alliances and partnerships with companies and offices worldwide that share our vision and ideology; in business and in life. We deeply care for maintaining warm relations with our diverse array of clients ranging from ordinary citizens to businessmen, governments, companies and various institutions. We work hard and constantly strive to gain the confidence of our customers in order to continue and maintain regular communication with them.

Through trust and impartiality, It is our priority to ensure the confidentiality of our work, and act with full integrity and excellence in our field. One of the most important values ​​that help maintain our professional relationships is our attention to detail, work and performance, we take into consideration the specialist scope for each assignment and action according to its specific volume and capacity.

Taking strength through these fundamentals, we endeavour to build a stronger entity that is compatible with the ever changing business and political landscape of the 21st century.

In the present age, the complexity of the modern world is an important aspect of understanding law and communication, the diversity of interests, and increase in law and categorisations requires fortifying the best legal solutions and actions that we are proud to put into practice. We take into consideration each assignment based on the needs and benefits of the client, we constantly work hard seeking the satisfaction of our clients, whilst respecting, implementing, and applying the law and the rules without exception and discrimination.

In this complex world, rest assured that Alaf Attorneys & consultants are with you through all your projects, activities, affairs and investments.


  • Certificate of registration from the company registrar (Feb 2004).

  • Certificate from international affairs-Colombia university (conflict resolution 2000).

  • The best six key lawyers in Iraq according to the MEED Magazine 2010.


  • Bar Association - Iraq & Kurdistan

  • UIA (Union International Des Advocate)

  • AIA (Association for International Arbitration)