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Discover the principles of collegiality, collaboration, and legal excellence at Alaf Attorneys & Consultants.

Top-rated legal services in Iraq


Alaf Attorneys & Consultants embodies the principles of collegiality, collaboration, individuality and legal excellence while cultivating the finest legal talent in the Iraq.

Operating as a single, integrated nationwide firm with 3 offices in three different cities, ALAF Attorneys & Consultants has helped shape the Iraqi legal profession for more than 17 years. Based in Sulaymaiyah, Erbil and Baghdad our practice is among the strongest in Iraq.

Our top-tier clients call on us when faced with cutting-edge corporate and litigation assignments. We represent multinational corporations, financial institutions and sovereign governments on innovative matters that set precedents and define standards in Iraq and Kurdistan.


ALAF Attorneys & Consultants was the first truly Iraqi law firm in 1997 to have number of offices in the major cities in Iraq/Kurdistan. Not surprisingly, Mr. Abdulwahid Alaf was recognised the top 6 lawyers in Iraq/Kurdistan by “MEED International” in 2010. Our commitment to nationalism is also demonstrated through the diversity of our lawyers who come from different walks of lives and who speak more than 5 languages.
As a full-service law firm, we have significant and award-winning practices. ALAF Attorneys & Consultants rely on all of its lawyers to collectively create the best client work product. From the beginning, our associates are part of a collaborative endeavor and are expected to solve problems and not just take directions. New associates work in teams with our more experienced lawyers and are given substantive assignments and significant responsibility
right away.
The best work product results from talented people working in a common enterprise, sharing their knowledge, time and experience with colleagues. Very few firms in Iraq are so confident of their core values that they are willing to share the rewards of their work in the way that we do. Generations of ALAF Attorneys & Consultants lawyers have proven there is no better way to foster excellence.
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