Alaf Attorneys & Consultants have one of the most experienced teams in the energy sector in Iraq. Our team of lawyers offers a clear and proven deep understanding of energy law as well as its unique application within the energy industry. We provide legal advice across the full spectrum of energy sector. It is this breadth of experience, combined with our strength in multiple disciplines that enables us to offer our clients a truly commercial and balanced legal advice.

Our areas of work include.

Oil & Gas

  • Oil and Gas Exploration and Production

  • Refining, Transportation and Marketing of Petroleum Products

  • Oil, Gas, and Product Pipelines, Terminals and Storage Facilities

  • LNG Plants and Facilities

  • Gas Processing and Gathering Facilities

  • Petrochemical Plants and Facilities

  • Oil and Gas Field Services.


Our experience in the power sector has been gained through advise and legal representations at all phases; development of electricity, it's diversity reflecting the changes in the sector through privatisation, new models of regulation and financing, and increasing internationalisation.


We have advised on all aspects of the development of the water industry in country which is facing the biggest challenges with respect to water supply security. The diversity of our experience reflects the changes in the sector through increased privatization, new models of regulation and financing, and and increasing internationalisation.

Renewable Energy

We provide the full spectrum of legal services in the renewable energy sector; including advice and representation to project development and financing, new supply, negotiation of power purchase agreements, acquisition of project facilities, and all related commercial and regulatory issues.

Our areas of work include

  • Bio-energy

  • Geothermal

  • Hydropower

  • Solar

  • Energy Waste

  • Wind and Onshore

red and black metal tower during sunset
red and black metal tower during sunset