• The official announcement of the Sulaimaniyah Arbitration Centre was made on the 14th of November 2014 by the President of Sulaimaniyah Chamber of Commerce Mr. Sirwan Mohammed Hawaii at the opening of the Sulaimaniyah International Exhibition.

    After a brief introduction of the Centre, Mr. Sirwan highlighted the main role of Alaf Law Firm with regards to managing and running of the Centre; here are some of those points mentioned:

    A. Reinstating those laws and regulations that are connected to Arbitration proceedings within the laws that are established in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Previously, before the establishment of this Centre, all the region’s trade disputes/issues were handled and managed by the courts.

    B. Reducing the number of trade disputes going to court. In turn reducing the load on the courts.

    C. Taking advantage of those professional/knowledgeable people that cannot be reached by the courts except by the Centre’s links/connections.

    D. Speeding up the dispute resolution time-line, by resolving all disputes within a limited period of time, which shall be less than %20 of what it would have been taken if the same was to be taken to the courts.

    E. Resolving dispute issues that have occurred between the government and the trades men of Kurdistan Region. In the past, even though these trades’ men have signed a contract with arbitration clauses within them, due to the lack of arbitration Centre, these arbitration clauses has not been utilized or adhered to accordingly.

    F. Establishing a course for educating members of the Kurdistan Region in respect of raising awareness in respect of, raising claims and the process of how one can go about it.

    The above mentioned points are just some of the areas that the new Arbitration Centre will be expected to carry out as per the discussion of Mr. Sirwan at the Sulaimaniyah International Exhibition on the 14th of November 2014.

    Mr. Sirwan also emphasized on the fact that Alaf Law Firm shall be the sole law firm fully managing the Centre. Furthermore, the observers/auditors of the Centre will be performed by the ministry of finance.